Monday, August 19, 2013

The motivation

Most of my notes, blog entries have to do with very real issues with the world. And I really do think there's a certain value to them.

But I do place a certain value on escapism. Entertainment to me is a very vital part of our existence.

I once encountered a homeless person who was asking for money. I assumed he was hungry, and I offered to buy him food but he refused.

When I enquired he told me he wasn't hungry, but just wanted to watch a movie. I pontificated upon it for a moment, and I gave him a fiver.

I could understand. In my life, many movies have lifted me. Some others have made my aware of the world we live in, yet others have provided me mindless fun. Another class of movies have made me ask very interesting questions about our reality.

Obviously I've enjoyed some movies more than others, but overall - I'd say its been a pretty awesome experience.

The aim of this blog then is not just to pick apart movies, but to discuss for a bit what they meant to me. I hope to convey the feelings I felt when I was watching the movie, to convey what I think might have been, and what I took away.


Of course - Spoilers Ahead. Aloha Disperse.

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